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Job Description

This job is a full time project and rental manager position for Stonegate Management Group. This means that you will have designated duties as outlined here but may occasionally include additional responsibilities as needed. This position will include training in all roles you are responsible for. Main responsibilities include overseeing, coordinating and running house rehab projects, new construction projects, general construction or housing projects and rental turnovers.

This includes

  • Doing evaluations, specifications and work lists for each contractor

  • Meeting with contractors to look at jobs

  • Gathering and reviewing work estimates

  • Keeping projects on budget

  • Going over work to be done with contractors when they begin work

  • Scheduling all contractors so projects run efficiently

  • Shopping for, gathering, ordering, and placing materials on site and laying out as applicable

  • Visiting job sites regularly to ensure a smooth project and answer any questions

  • Ensuring quality and completeness of projects

  • Keeping projects on budget.


In addition to the rehab projects, the rentals will include a few additional responsibilities that are complimentary of the project management:

  • Diagnosing problems or maintenance issues

  • Scheduling maintenance to be done in currently occupied homes

  • Following up and ensuring completion and satisfaction

  • Doing turnover specifications

  • Purchasing, gathering and placing materials for turnovers

  • Scheduling contractors

  • Performing rental maintenance inspections for currently occupied rentals

  • Contacting residents for maintenance and appointment scheduling

  • Submitting work orders for office records.



  • Excellent communication skills

  • Excellent organizational skills

  • Ability to use technology effectively (computer, phone, printers, cloud based programs, computer programs, etc.

  • 100% honesty and integrity

  • Background in one or several trades

Other Requirements:​​

  • Physically able to pickup and move materials up to 80 pounds

  • Located geographically close

  • Reliable vehicle with hauling and towing ability

  • Basic hand tools (preferred)

  • Ability to work 100% effectively remotely 

  • Be willing and able to travel

  • Be willing and able to work flexible hours depending on schedules of contractors, deliveries and service needing completed



  • Gas paid by company

  • Simple Individual Retirement Account with annual match available

  • Company uniforms

  • 2 weeks vacation

  • Healthcare coverage offered

  • Flexible hours

  • Participation in company sponsored events

  • Automatic paycheck deposits

  • Opportunity for bonuses/career growth

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