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Project Manager


Stonegate is Hiring! We are looking for a highly motivated team player looking to grow in the construction and maintenance management field. This full-time position is for you if you are someone that excels in organization, communication, scheduling and have an understanding of the construction trades.


This position will provide new challenges and opportunities to problem solve in day-to-day work environments as well as keeping jobs on schedule, materials where they need to be and projects running smoothly. Benefits will provide you an enhanced compensation and a flexible work environment will find you working remotely, in person and on the jobsite. Every day will be a different one with a variety of contractors, projects, rentals and working environments. 


Main duties will include:

  • Writing specification and work lists for contractors

  • Scheduling contractors so jobs run efficiently

  • Ordering, gathering and placing products and materials for job

  • Quality control of work done

  • Decision making on the jobsite

  • Responding to and diagnosing maintenance requests

  • Working with the team to problem solve on the job

  • Keeping documents and schedules updated and correct

  • Hands on field work when troubleshooting or assisting on the job


Required Skills:

Include having excellent communication, organization, honesty and integrity and the ability to use technology effectively and efficiently including computer, phone, printers, scanners, and computer programs such as Word, Excel and Google Suite. 

Other Requirements:​​

  • Physically able to pickup and move materials up to 80 pounds occasionally 

  • Located relatively close to Freeland/New Freedom

  • Ability to work effectively between working remotely at home, on the jobsite and at the office

  • Be willing and able to work flexible hours depending on schedules of contractors, deliveries and service needing completed

  • You have a reliable computer

  • Cell phone with camera

  • Be willing to work with your hands and occasionally get dirty

  • Credit and criminal background check (done by us)

  • No smoking

Not Required But Preferred:

Have a background, experience, basis or knowledge of one or several of the construction trades



Initially, benefits will include your work-related gas paid by the company, company clothing and hourly pay direct deposited to your account. 


Once you have gone through training and have progressed you will have access to more benefits in a salary position such as paid time off, retirement plan with annual match, healthcare allowance and participation in company sponsored events. 

Pay Amount

Your pay amount will vary depending on your experience, current resources and overall fit. Once you go through the application and interview process and are selected as a great fit, you will receive an offer letter with details of employment. 

Apply Now

Read the full job description and requirements above before completing this application. Please carefully complete the information below. If you have a resume you would like to attach in addition, you may do so at the bottom but it is not required. If you have any questions or need assistance please email us at or fill in the Contact Form at the bottom of the page. As part of your qualifying, there will be a required credit check and criminal background check. This will be only be done after your phone interview.  

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