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Schedule a Showing Rental Application

Stonegate Managment Group, LLC.
Rental Application

Whether you are looking to schedule a showing or submit your application without a showing, please fill out this form completely. Once you have submitted the form, an associate will contact you to get any additional information needed and set up a showing (if applicable). All applicants for one property will go on one application. Please read the following before filling out the form:

This is a preliminary application. Any information collected to process and approve your application will not be used initially. This application will not be processed until you have paid the application fee ($100 per single applicant application or $125 for a two-applicant application) and signed your authorization on your actual application. We will contact you regarding your form submission to set up a showing, if needed, within one business day. If you have an individual question, you may call or text us at (717) 952-9321, or submit a contact form on the website at the bottom of any page. Please fill out this form COMPLETELY and ACCURATELY so that it is not declined. 

Applicant #1 Information

Do you receive texts at this number?
I currently:
Is/Was rent paid in full?
Have you ever been late in the past?
Have you given notice to vacate?
Were you asked to leave?

We require you provide 3 years of housing history. Please complete the following applicable sections you need in order to provide 3 years of history for where you have lived. You can skip the next two sections only if they are not applicable. 

I was living in a
Were you asked to leave?
I was living in a
Were you asked to leave?
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