Do you need to settle an estate? How about a one stop sale!

  • No inspections, no realtors, no showings!
  • No repairs and no surprises!
  • Stop paying out expenses on the home.
  • We can make it happen fast!
  • Call today

Behind on Payments?

Bad Tenants?

In Foreclosure?

Do you have unwanted land or want to do something with that farm? We are interested in helping you convert that into real $$$.

  • No inspections or contingencies.
  • Do you want people wandering around your property?
  • We are excellent buyers that will close that sale.
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Does your home need minor and major repairs? Would it be a load off your mind to be able to sell your home without inspections and fixes?

  • Many people don’t have the money to do the needed repairs that a typical sale requires.
  • Buyers can’t get financing without certain things done.
  • Buyers make large adjustments for maintenance and repairs.
  • Avoid all of it by selling your home as-is today!

Many unexpected things can happen, such as job loss, health problems and the like that cause you to get behind. Then, the additional fees, interest, etc….may be too much to overcome.

  • We can help! We can get you moving along in time to save your home from foreclosure or further damaging your credit.
  • Get back on track and get a fresh start.
  • Call today!

Have you filed for bankruptcy only to find it has not helped? Do you have judgments and liens? Don’t despair – we can help!

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Land or Acreage?

Is your home in Foreclosure? Are you facing a pending foreclosure? Act now! We can help! Call today toll free at 866-990-0333. Keep from getting that foreclosure on your credit. 

In many cases we can stop your foreclosure and bring your payments up to date and you can have the peace of mind of knowing the problem is solved! 

Put your trust in a local company with a reputation for results!

Estate Sale?

We Buy Homes & Land

Are you going through a divorce? We can help!

  • Divorce is unpleasant sometimes and everyone can’t always agree on what to do with the home.
  • We offer a simple solution and a quick sale!
  • Call today!

Need Repairs?

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Bad tenants? Tired of being a Landlord? We can help! 

We know what it takes to be a property manager, a handyman and a rent collector. We understand that late night calls and the problem residents.

  • Landlording can be rough!
  • How would you feel without the responsibility of a rental property?
  • Put your equity to work without the hassle!
  • We will buy your property whether it is vacant or not!
  • We can purchase without seeing inside the units so we don’t disturb your tenants.
  • Call Today!