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How much do you charge for your services?
Our short sale services will be at no cost to you. 

Can I stay in my home during the short sale process?
Yes! Since your foreclosure may be delayed during the short sale process, you are allowed to stay in your home until the short sale is concluded. This will allow you time to look for new housing for your family. 

I have been told that if I sell my house for less than what is owed, my mortgage company will issue me a 1099 for the difference and I will have to pay taxes on that. Is that true?
In 2007, President George W. Bush issued the Taxpayers Debt Relief Act, which states that the homeowner will NOT owe the IRS taxes from a short sale 1099 (you will still receive the 1099 but with no federal tax implications). This act is in effect until December 2012; therefore, at this time, a short sale has NO federal tax liability associated with it. 

Will I be responsible for paying the difference back to my mortgage company? Will my mortgage company issue a deficiency judgment?
We work diligently to convince your lender to forgive the balance remaining after the completion of the short sale, and we are successful in almost all cases. If your lender will not agree to forgive the remaining balance, you have no obligation to complete the short sale. ​

Stop Foreclosure

  • Proven track record of successfully closed short sale transactions.
  • Our short sale services will cost you no money!

What is A Short Sale?

A short sale occurs when a property is sold for less than what is owed. The lender holding the mortgage agrees to take less than the payoff amount. 

Many people are finding themselves in a situation in which they are unable to afford their mortgage payments. In this instance, a short sale may be a good alternative to a foreclosure. 

Why Choose A Short Sale?

  • Being proactive in resolving the matter is usually much less stressful than just letting a foreclosure happen.
  • Can be less damaging to one’s credit than a foreclosure.
  • May be able to delay or stop your foreclosure/sheriff sale.
  • You are generally allowed to stay in your home until the short sale process in concluded.
  • You may qualify with your lender to receive relocation money.
  • Let us do ALL the work for you!

Short Sale Solutions

Please call us to discuss the benefits of selling your home through a short sale and avoid foreclosure! 


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